The emotional weight of a TNBC diagnosis can put a dark cloud over relationships, making it difficult to relate to others.

These conversation starters can help you reconnect with yourself – and those around you – to foster TNBC conversations.

What do you wish was the first advice you got after you learned you had advanced TNBC?

The best form of advice I would say is to focus on the light at the end of the tunnel and be kind to yourself and don't beat yourself up because this is not something that you did

– LaToya
What was the most surprising change you experienced to your daily life as a result of TNBC?

I would advise patients who have just been diagnosed not to look too much on the internet, but rather to turn to professional counselling or really good self-help groups that have information and that they definitively shouldn't give up hope

– Katja


Start having more conversations about TNBC. Whether you answer with a friend or write your answers down just for yourself, the healing starts with observing and expressing your thoughts and feelings.

How have you surprised yourself since your diagnosis?

What are two things that have not changed about you since your diagnosis?

What is something you wish everyone in the world knew about this experience?

Think of one thing this disease leaves you too afraid to ask. Say it out loud.

Write down the three most important things in life to you. Share these with a friend.

What could make you feel even more supported and loved right now?

Since your diagnosis, what is something you’re still trying to get used to?

Is there a difficult part of this experience that you feel comfortable sharing?

What is something that brought you joy recently?

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